Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 2017 Review

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 2017 Review

Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s most popular e-reader to date. And recently it evolved into becoming the “All-New” version as Amazon has nicknamed it. The latest 2017 version is offering a better and refined 300ppi display with the best Bookerly font as well as new core designed to beat the character spacing, typography and the overall page layouts for a whole new reading experience.

Users are comparing the pixel burst of Kindle Paperwhite with Kindle Voyage as they touch the equal levels of screen resolution. Despite being the flagship Kindle, Voyage has not been updated this year as well as falls below on price meter because Paperwhite is more affordable with the features it provides.

Users have generated the following pros and cons.


  • Amazing edgy display
  • Refined typography
  • Reasonably low-priced


  • Presumptuous
  • Plain design
  • Yet still, some features can’t be found

The looks of the new Kindle Paperwhite are no different to the old Kindle Paperwhite that was released in 2013. The overall looks are not that much striking because of the plastic outer layer that has:

  • The Kindle branding right below the screen front.
  • The Amazon logo at the back.
  • A micro USB port, along with the power button on the edge downwards.

The outer circumference or the bezels are noticeably sized to give your hands a resting point without cover the screen while reading giving way to accidentally turning the page. Please visit for further details on this new Kindle.

Kindle PaperWhiteThough it is a plain design but it is strong and well built and the overall verdict stands upon the display of this e-reader that though an orthodox upgrade on Amazon’s behalf, this conventional approach with a new screen is a new twist in a classical piece that everybody takes a like to. The 300ppi new screen is by far the best and the most important feature of the latest Kindle Paperwhite. Smaller font sizes appear sharper and more dynamic compared to the older version. However, the question may remain the same that is the new Kindle Paperwhite tempting enough for the consumers who resisted buying it before? Is the new model justifiable to be called a new model or is just a plus addition or slight upgrade?

For the people who have been loyal fans of Kindle e-readers would certainly give this one a thumbs up but Amazon should work towards getting new customers to like their collection because just a better screen – though thoroughly dynamic – and some software improvements may not work in the favor of new consumers. However excellent help is available from Kindle Fire Customer Service Phone Number for new and existing customers.

This new screen makes Paperwhite the best Kindle e-reader accompanied with the good balance of the price tag and the feature list and that is what attracts the older customers. Amazon should launch something with better features or at least accompanied with features that are missing to extend their market share towards new customers.

Especially comparatively to the competitors like other Kindle e-readers and altogether different brands like Nook and Kobo – that are all offering better alternatives to Kindle Paperwhite.


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