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Why You Need Amazon Kindle Tech Support?

If you love to read books but want to get rid of the burden of the paperback books then you are most likely going to purchase a Kindle. Amazon Technologies Inc has launched several types of Kindle devices and each of them is different from the other. It’s you who have to decide which one is the most suitable for your needs. You should go through the hardware specification of each device as it is the key element of any electronic gadget. Apart from the screen size and other features, hardware component are the one who affect the price of the device up to a great extent. If you are not a technology geek, you are most likely to contact Amazon Kindle Tech Support Phone Number to know more about the Kindle devices. Although there is much documentation available on the internet about Kindle devices but you have read some most important information here.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Equipped with a 300ppi high resolution screen, Kindle Paperwhite is one the basic eBook reader offered by Amazon. It has got 2 GB of internal storage with an option to increase it by adding a memory card to store thousand of books on it. The best part of Kindle Paperwhite is its battery that can last up to 6 weeks. In short Kindle Paperwhite is just a basic device, there is nothing much you can do with this apart from reading eBooks.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Powered by a Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor and Kindle Fire operating system (a customized version of Android), Kindle Fire HD is much similar to the modern tablets available in the market. It has 8 GB of onboard storage with expansion slot. Kindle Fire HD is available in two screen sizes 7 Inches and 8.9 Inches. Equipped with Silk web browsers, you can certainly browse the internet, read you mails and there is much more you can do with it.

Technical Issues Faced by Amazon Kindle Users.

Although Kindle Fire is a very robust device and works well in most scenarios but still there are some cases where users might face technical problems with Kindle Fire device. Users are advised to perform basic troubleshooting before calling Amazon Kindle Technical Support Phone Number for further assistance.

How to register and setup a new Kindle device?

If you’re unable or don’t know that how to register or setup your new Kindle then you can follow these steps which is as below.

  • From the Home Screen of your Kindle Go to Menu option the tap on Settings.
  • After that, tap on My Account option, then choose Amazon account.

If you have already an Amazon accounts then fill the account information to register the device, if not then you have to follow the instruction which comes on your Kindle Screen.

How to reset Kindle Fire to default factory settings?

There are times when you might need to reset your Amazon Kindle to factory defaults to resolve some problem that you cannot fix manually. Remember if choose this options all the data a setting will be lost and your Kindle should be fully charged before you can reset it.

  • You need to swipe down from the top and tap on Settings.
  • Go to Device Options and choose Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Kindle will ask your confirmation, tap on Confirm.

This action could take some time thus wait patiently until reset operation is completed.

How to fix download error on Amazon Kindle Device?

Are you facing download error on your Kindle device? If yes, then it is not a very big issue sometimes it happens due to some little bit error which can be fixed easily and the errors are as below.

  • Check Your Internet Connection, May be possible that your connection creates the issue.
  • Check your Antivirus Settings, sometimes such antivirus block some apps, books or games downloading from Amazon.
  • Try Another browser, May be the browser you’re using it creates some issue.

If all these are not working then you can restart your Kindle and then again restart your download it will easily fix the issue.

How to fix freezing issue on Kindle Fire?

If your Kindle Fire is running slow or freezing a lot it might be very difficult to work on it. This could happen sometimes when you tap on an icon but nothing happens. In such situation, performing a soft reset could help, follow these steps.

  • To do a soft reset, you need to press & hold the power button for 40 seconds.
  • After 40 seconds, release the power button, your Kindle will shut down.
  • To turn it on again, press the power button.

This soft reset will most likely resolve the freezing problem, if it doesn’t please get in touch with Amazon Kindle Tech Support to update Kindle Fire OS to the latest version.

How to fix invalid item error on Kindle Fire HD?

People are facing an invalid item error while they are open their downloaded books or apps. A popup came and says’ this item is protected with DRM and cannot be read on your Kindle Fire HD. Please remove it from your device and download it again. Here the solution to resolve this issue which is soft reset. In this you need to hold or press the power button for 40 seconds, Kindle will reboot once you leave the power button. It is just like you are forcing your Kindle device to restart. This procedure helps you to get rid of your issue.

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