Amazon Kindle Voyage 2017 Review The Best Kindle Ever

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2017 Review The Best Kindle

You will find an impressive high-resolution display and a wide range of content catalog to compliment and there you have it, Kindle Voyage – the best e-reader Amazon has ever crafted. However, you cannot fathom those curvy figures at a single glance and would easily scroll through it. To put it simply, what I mean to say is that Amazon’s attempt to create an ultra luxurious e-reader is a success but for an average reader it’s still a thumb down.

Kindle VoyageBut that is the whole point though because Amazon is catering it towards the high end die hard readers. An edge to edge glass screen extravaganza that can hold more books within that square than you can ever imagine putting in a real square box – people are willing to pay $199. Although it starts at $200 with WiFi only features, it can extend up to $290 if you want to have a 3G data connection with no ads spraying your screensaver. You can also call Amazon Kindle Phone Number to avail any discount offer.

Even though Kindle Voyage can be identified as one of the upper class of e-readers in Kindle family, it does not carry that much of a distinctive body as it can be easily mistaken for Kindle Paperwhite or even the $80 entry level e-reader from Amazon. The screen is just phenomenal and you would clearly feel as if your pictures are not doing justice to the clarity of the screen that it has. The most notable feature of the 6-inch display is that this ultimate boss screen allows you the closest to ink-on-paper experience by packing 300 dots per inch and you can just casually lay down to savor the beauty in your hands.

You can add an extra over the top Amazon feature of origami cover by spending the amount of $45 or $60 (if you have the love of leather) and provide yourself the bonus luxury of folding the cover like a stand for the ease of reading. If you want to know the features in deep, we would suggest you to contact Kindle Customer Service Phone Number for detailed specifications.

Due to its release prior to the Kindle Voyage and being loved by a lot of e-readers, people are comparing Paperwhite to Kindle Voyage. It has been said that except the 6-inch display taken from the Paperwhite, everything else has changed for the better. However, the Page Press buttons are somehow just satisfactory in Kindle Voyage as compared to Paperwhite where as there is no comparison drawn for the screen resolution. It has been simply deemed as the best there ever is. However, the following pros and cons bluntly cut through the Voyage:


  • The best pixel density you would ever find.
  • Satisfying Page Press buttons.
  • Light, thin and everything modern.


  • Pricey for the average reader.
  • Base price has those sticky ads, sad.

So in conclusion, if you are that reader that shows off the fact that he/she reads then Amazon Kindle Voyage is for you, and if you don’t then kindly continue your trips to the local library as nothing beats reading more than a real book.

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