How to Remove Duplicate eBook Titles from Amazon Kindle?

How to Remove Duplicate eBook Titles from Amazon Kindle?

We all know that a writer or an author is known for all of his published material. It could be a book, article or any blog, but whatever it is the name mentioned on its publisher side shows its actual wordsmith. Amazon is working towards removing the duplicate copies from its Kindle. This step shows that after some time none of the Duplicate eBook would be available on Amazon Kindle. “Private Legal Rights” is a term pointing towards a scenario in which the real author can transfer his penman rights to anyone else. Due to this practice people can republish the material with their name on it which was never written by them.

Following are some of the ways showing that how can you remove the duplicate eBook titles from Amazon Kindle:

Log in into Your Online Content Library
In order to remove a duplicate eBook the very first step would be to log in your content library through Amazon website. So open your web browser and go to Amazon website. Now enter the required stuff to access further. If you face any kind of issue while logging in into your Amazon account, contact Amazon Kindle Support to get the things resolved.

Your Content Tab
After logging in you will see a tab named as “Your content”. This tab actually contains a list of eBooks available in your library, so by clicking on this tab you will get access to all of the material available in your content library.

Kindle Duplicate eBook

Select the Items
The third step would be to select the duplicate or unwanted item. For this purpose look at the left hand side of your computer’s screen. You will see a “Select” tab. Now select the items you want to remove by simply clicking on them.

Deleting the Duplicate Material
After selecting the unwanted material go to the top left side of the page. You will see a “Delete” button labelled with orange marking. Now click that button in order to delete all of the selected material at once.

Confirming to Delete
As soon as you click the delete button a confirmation box will appear. You will be required to click on “yes” button to delete unnecessary eBooks.

Alternate Ways

Another way to delete the eBooks from Kindle is as below as suggested by Amazon Kindle Customer Service, this process will be helpful if you want to delete the unnecessary item from your Kindle device

Home Screen
The first step would be to go to the home screen. This could be done by tapping the black and white house icon. Now get access to the Kindle library.

Select the Unwanted Titles
By accessing the Kindle library through home screen now locate the titles you want to get rid of. Select them or if you are not able to find them write the keyword on search bar on the top right side if your device screen.

Hold and Remove
After selecting the title now hold it for few seconds until a menu appears on the selected item. It will give you multiple options but select the “delete” option and it would be deleted permanently.

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